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Office Trailer Rental

Consult the experts at OfficeTrailerPros.com anytime you need to rent an office trailer for the job site, retail facility or anywhere you need extra space. Mobile office trailer rentals are the perfect solution that gives you both flexibility and cost savings over alternatives. Only Office Trailer Pros gives you the ability to evaluate companies that have been preselected based on their commitment to on-time deliveries, high levels of customer service and no hidden fees. For example, whether you choose a weekly, monthly or long term office trailer rental you should not be penalized for extending the rental period. You should only have to pay the lowest rate agreed to in your original contract. Let Office Trailer Pros help you avoid the hassles so you can get your job done.

Benefits of Renting Office Trailers

Unless you rent office trailers over 4 times a year (at different locations), it will likely make more sense to rent than to buy. Even if you do consistently utilize office trailer rentals for different job sites for example, renting gives you the added flexibility where you can rent different sizes with different amenities based on the job at hand. Also, your needs can evolve quickly over a few years and when you rent an office trailer from an OfficeTrailerpros.com approved company you will be sure to have the most modern accessories, electricity hookups, and a clean functioning office trailer every time. If you have jobs in multiple locations, the rental company can move the trailer for you, saving you the expense of delivery trucks. You also need to factor in ongoing maintenance if you choose to purchase, which depending on the age of the office trailer can add up over time. Before you rent an office trailer is is important to answer the following questions first:

Do I have enough space for an office trailer?

Many job sites or retail facilities have very limited space, particularly in urban areas, and there simply isn't enough room for an office trailer. Sometimes this can be solved by parking the office trailer a block or two away which still gives your crew access to a work environment and the job site. Another space saving alternative would be an storage/office trailer rental combo unit, allowing you to securely store items onsite while eliminating the space which could be used for the office trailer.

What additional fees can I expect?

In addition to the base cost of the rental you will be charge local and state taxes, and many companies will require a damage waiver in case anything happens to the office trailer. Office trailers are expensive and can incur a lot of damage in certain environments, so the waiver protects everyone involved. You may also have to pay for features such as electrical wiring, AC, etc. The biggest charge that you should be aware of when comparing office trailer rental prices is the delivery fees, which typically cost $90 to $250 each way depending on your distance and the office trailer size.

What size do I need?

Start by determining the maximum number of people that will be in the unit at any given time, then consider storage space for equipment, paperwork and furnishings. You should find the bare minimum of interior space necessary within the office trailer, then give yourself three options. For example, the minimum space you need might be met by a 24 foot x 8 foot office trailer. However, if the job will last over one month you will likely be better off paying slightly more for a 32 foot x 8 foot rather than squeezing workers together which can affect performance. Finally, you may want to then consider a larger 36 foot x 10 foot wide office trailer if you think you may need space for storing equipment, or if previous jobs have required storage which was unforeseen.